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New members and general enquiries

If you are interested in becoming a member of Braintree Beekeepers’ Association, contact our Membership Secretary, Jan French:  For more information, look at our ‘Interested in Joining?’ page.

Website and Programme of Events queries

Jan French:


For issues related to swarms please go to the Swarms page.

Spray Liaison Officer

For issues relating to crop spraying and pesticides in the Braintree area, our Spray Liaison Officer is Colleen Chamberlain:

If you are a farmer and wish to report your intention to spray crops, please provide the following information:

  • What crop and where (o/s map reference or postcode)
  • Type of spray – chemical name of the product
  • Date and time of spraying

If you are a Braintree member and you suspect poisoning, please provide the following information:

  • Location of your affected apiary
  • Date and time of spraying
  • Details of any witnesses
  • Take three samples of 200 dead bees in cardboard containers (not plastic).  Bees carrying pollen loads are particularly useful in identifying the source of the problem.
  • Send one sample to the National Bee Unit, Sand Hutton, Yorkshire, YO4 1BF.  Keep the remaining two samples in your freezer as evidence in case of further action or litigation.

For anything else…