Honey Show 2019

Results and photos of the cup & saucer table decorations (photos by Maria Little):



Class one – Two jars of light clear honey

  • 1st Joyce Wells & Jean Gill

  • 2nd Maria Little

  • 3rd Friends of Cressing Temple

Class two – Two jars of medium clear honey

  • 1st Antony Stark

  • 2nd Bridget Mudd

  • 3rd Stuart Mitson

Class three – Two jars of set honey

  • 1st Vi Taylor

  • 2nd Pat Rowland

  • 3rd Bridget Mudd

Class four – Container of Cut Comb

  • 1st Karen Peachey

  • 2nd Maurice Bacon

Class five – Beeswax Block

  • 1st Bridget Mudd

  • 2nd Brian Greenland

  • 3rd Karen Peachey

Class 6 Two jars of dark clear honey

3rd Karen Peachey

Best in Show – Vi Taylor for two jars of set honey